Maurizio Paccagnella, born in Noale – Venice in 1961, began to work in 1980 as a graphic designer. Since his early start he was fascinated from hyperrealist works made by airbrush, thus, completely as a self-thought, he has become a hyperrealist illustrator. He got to know the greatest Italian hyperrealist illustrator Guerrino Boatto, with whom he zcxsn has been collaborating. Some of Paccagnella’s illustrations were published in the JSA catalogue – containing the greatest worldly illustration works.


He has been working with some of the major advertisement Italian companies, with such clients as: COOP, Swatch, Aprilia, Renault, Piaggio, Ferrero, Ford and Microsoft.
In the mid-nineties he went to London, where he held two private expositions.
Once back from England he devoted his whole time to making only art through the artistic tool that was most congenial to his needs, the airbrush. He produced some blurred pictures of great suggestive glamour. These were exposed at the “Arte Fiera” (Art festival) of Padua and then were kept as an exclusive right by the gallery of Eclectic arts in Mestre and by the gallery Tao & Mandelli in Seregno Milan. He was invited to participate in the Milan Art Centre, taking part in some conceptual art expositions.

Thanks to a long experience in the field of cinematic productions, he began a profitable collaboration with Aprilia (many of his works are exposed in the Aprilia museum of Noale), which sponsored one of his personal expositions of 2003 in the national villa “Villa Nazionale Pisani di Strà”. In 2004 the auction house Christie’s auctioned two of his scooter paintings in favour of the association “Fondazione Bambini in Emergenza” of Mino Damato.

In 2003 he devoted himself to abstractionism, creating innovative big oils on canvas of strong visual impact, with a unique technique of his invention. His artworks come to life thanks to the intense drawing up of signs and colours, imprinting on the canvas time’s flow and present’s multiple aspects’ energies and strengths; thus the artist, through the subtraction of colours, reaches the essence of painting’s language, resulting in a window on existence’s essentials.

Among the many exhibitions, we mention two important solo exhibitions: in 2017 “Arte in Villa” at the Museum of Villa Morosini (Rovigo – Italy), a prestigious location in the museum, there are two works in the permanent collection which includes Vedova, Pizzinato, Afro, Schifano and other international masters of art; in 2019 “Il Dialogo del Tempo” in Venice, in the contemporary exhibition space “Arte All’Angelo”.